Traditional Mediterranean Breakfast

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Traditional Mediterranean Breakfast
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The traditional Aegean breakfast offers a wide variety and delicious food. The Aegean breakfast is quite nutritious and interesting. After a morning of eating this breakfast, you can be sure that you will not be hungry until the evening. Detailed information about the traditional Aegean breakfast is in our article.

Traditional Mediterranean Breakfast

Of course, there are rich foods offered by the Aegean Region for breakfast. As you can imagine, the Aegean Region offers delicious and varied olives, olive oil, known as a source of healing, delicious and healthy herbs. In addition to these, natural, healthy and delicious eggs and cheeses made from fresh milk given by traveling chickens are added. Aegean breakfast has offered all these foods to the lucky Aegean people.

The Aegean people always look for olives and olive oil for breakfast. That is, it happens even if there is no cheese for breakfast. But olives are a must. Also, such a breakfast is necessarily crowned with black brewed tea. Herbs that accompany breakfast are usually parsley and rosemary. These are extremely healthy herbs. Already the Aegean Region is famous for its herbs after olives and olive oil. Traditional Mediterranean Breakfast

Why is the Traditional Aegean Breakfast Famous?

The traditional Aegean Breakfast is also the traditional breakfast of the Turks. With this nature, it has been introduced to foreigners as the breakfast of the Turks. Bazlama, a homemade bread, is also served for Aegean breakfast. Bazlama is also a thin bread that our grandmothers and great-grandmothers baked at home. You will be accompanied by bazlama and demli tea at breakfast.

The tastes you will find at breakfast are not limited to these. It is possible to find many more homemade jams, especially orange, citrus, strawberry, quince, cherry jam, on the traditional Aegean breakfast table. Also, one should not forget about the bagel. Bagels, as the Aegean people say, can accompany you to a crispy breakfast.

Where is the Traditional Aegean Breakfast Located?

Of course, when you want to eat a traditional Aegean breakfast, you should come to the Aegean. There are many places where you can find Aegean breakfast in Kusadasi. It is possible that you will already find Turkish breakfast in hotels, hostels and similar places where you stayed in Kusadasi. But if you want to have an Aegean breakfast in a more authentic atmosphere, you can take a short walk from Kusadasi to the village of Kirazli and Yenikoy, that is, to the pine side, where you can find a very tasty village breakfast prepared by villagers in gardens filled with olive trees, that is, a traditional Aegean breakfast. Traditional Mediterranean Breakfast

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