Original Mediterranean Salad

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Original Mediterranean Salad
6 March 2022 585 read times 0 comment

Mediterranean Salad

In the salad recipes section, today I will give a recipe for Mediterranean Salad, one of the delicious salads.  For those looking for a healthy, delicious salad recipe. You know that salads are indispensable for delicious food, and the biggest source of healthy living is to consume plenty of salads. How to Make Mediterranean Salad Now? I’ll try to present it to our esteemed readers.

Original Mediterranean Salad

  • Persons:
    4 personality
  • Preparation Time:
    15 minute
  • Cooking time:
    15 minute


Mediterranean Salad Ingredients

  • 1 Bunch fresh Arugula
  • 2 Bunch of fresh Mediterranean greens (Lolorosso)
  • 4 Cherry tomatoes
  • About 1 spoonful of pomegranate sour
  • 150 grams of cheddar cheese (old cheddar cheese)
  • Half a bunch of parsley
  • 4 spoons pure olive oil
  • 2 spoons lemon juice
  • Enough Salt

Original Mediterranean Salad


How to Make a Real Mediterranean Salad?

1. First of all, we clean and wash the salads nicely and divide them into equal pieces.

2. Then we wash the tomatoes nicely. You can even peel them off.

3. We line our cheese in small cubes.

4. We also extract the parsley beautifully (in leaf form).

5. Then we add pomegranate sour, lemon juice, olive oil and salt in a bowl, mix well and prepare the sauce of the salad.

6. We add the greens of our Mediterranean salad to a large serving plate and blend them beautifully.

7. Afterwards, we spread our olive oil sauce, which we had prepared in a separate container, by circulating it on the salad.

8. We make the Mediterranean salad ready to serve by adding the cheeses and parsley leaves, which are finally grated or diced.

If you want to make the Mediterranean Salad richer, you can also add cornflakes, cut olives, boiled chickpeas and walnuts to the salad. Enjoy your meal.

Tricks of Mediterranean Salad

Pour the prepared salad dressing over your salad and stir before serving the salad immediately. If the salad will wait a long time, do not pour the sauce into the salad. You need to pour the sauce on average 10 minutes before serving the salad.

Original Mediterranean Salad

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