How about a Mediterranean Diet breakfast?

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How about a Mediterranean Diet breakfast?
21 Ocak 2022 1105 read times 0 comment


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How about a Mediterranean Diet breakfast?

Olive varieties, olive oil, cheese and cucumber varieties, honey, tomatoes, plenty of thyme, eggs and cucumbers, pepper Yeşilova, Yeşilova, fresh herbs, and actually yufka bread, herb bread rolls and let’s crack some forty adopted today (bread)!

The cook writes a lot about seal jams, makes trial jams of many flowers and fruits vegetables. The famous Healing Jam has berries, but for some reason it does not want to put any jam in the Mediterranean Diet!



I am one of those who think that if there is something sweet to be had for breakfast, it should also be honey or molasses. Jams of fructose fruits prepared in the style of unsweetened sunsets that do not last long are out of the question! Of course, they should take their place at the table, but the unsweetened jam business is a very delicate matter!!!

Salami, sausage, sausage? If you are looking for deli products, they don’t exist!

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